Festival Of Desperation And Disappointment

Ok, here we have it.
The final day.
The last gruelling leg.
The final nail in the coffin of our weary traveller's hunched back!
Can he take any more..................come and find out!!!
Its a marathon music festival and an all-night bash after the last day of David's walk
and its all happening in Robin Hood's Bay!!!!

He's been right across the country by foot.
He's sung Wintereisse 13 times.
And god damn it, he's gonna sing it one more time,
and then dance till he drops with the good folk of The Bay.
What better way to end this unprecedented feat of human endurance and suffering than
with a bit more Desperation and Despair? For these my friends are themes of the evening,
brought to life with a full seventy minute Winterreisse set, psychedelic folk band Oskar, and electronic sopranos Kleboe.
The night will take place in the heart of RHB above the second hand bookshop and cafe in
The Old Chapel as soon as David arrives.
Go down the hill till you get to The Laurel pub then take next left by foot
and keep going along the windy street till you get to The Old Chapel on your left.

Tickets and bookings call: 01642 879935.
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